Ibanez Phaser PH10 Bi-Mode - Japan 1980's

Vintage Ibanez PH10 Bi-Mode Phaser pedal Made in Japan in perfect shape

Ibanez PH10 Bi-Mode Phaser from Power series, made in japan between 1986-89. One of the nicest phasers. The Bi-Mode here means that the phasing stages are switchable between six and ten stages. Which is not a bad idea to throw in to a huge bowl of phasers. Has a Trimmer JFET adjuster inside battery compartment for fine tuning.

Ibanez Phaser PH10 Bi-Mode - Japan 1980's

CHF 110.00Preis
    • New Old Stock
    • Made in Japan 1980's
    • Original Box
    • Input Impedance 500k Ohms
    • Output Impedance < 1k Ohm
    • Maximum Input Level +8 dBv
    • Speed Range 0.04Hz-10Hz
    • Mode Stage 6/10 Stage
    • Equivalent Input Noise-90 dBv (IHF-A)
    • Power Consumption 22 mA
    • Power requirements 9 V DC
    • Dimensions 125(D) x 70(W) x 54(H) mm
    • Weight 410g
    • Speed controls the speed/rate of the LFO wave that controls the effect
    • Width controls the depth/amplitude of the modulation (the size of the range in which the effect sweeps).
    • Feedback sets the amount of effected signal fed back into the effect (for a stronger effect)
    • Mode: 6/10 Stages selects the number of stages

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